Armenian Philatelic Association Chapter Bylaws



1- The name of the organization shall be Armenian Philatelic Association and the official acronym ArPA.



2- The purpose and goals of the association are to provide a forum for the exchange and the dissemination to the broader public of information and materials concerning Armenian philately.



3- Any person 18 years of age or more may join ARPA by completing an application and paying the annual membership dues as established by the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Membership shall be calendar year based. Any person shall pay appropriately pro-rated for the year he/she joins.

4- Junior members shall be those individuals under 18 years of age who completed an application approved by their legal guardian and pay the junior membership dues as established by the Annual General Meeting.

5- Lifetime membership shall be granted to those individuals who have been regular members of the association for at least two years, who then choose to contribute a sum in the amount of twenty times the then current annual membership fee. These sums shall be deposited only into the ARPA Endowment Fund.

6- Members, former members, or others may be given the title of “Honorary Member” through a two-thirds majority vote of the Annual General Meeting.



7- ARPA shall maintain its existence as a charitable tax exempt not for profit California corporation in accordance with section 501.c.3 of the tax code and any relevant state laws.

8- Meetings shall be convened regularly and serve as the primary forum of interaction among members.

9- A chapter of ARPA may be charted when enough members live in close enough proximity to hold meetings regularly (minimum bimonthly) and these members request from the executive to be constituted as a chapter.

10- At the time of its inception, ARPA is constituted as one chapter. Upon the creation of a minimum of two additional chapters, but no later than the creation of four additional chapters, a Central Executive shall be created to coordinate and direct the overall activities of the association and its chapters. These bylaws shall then be amended to reflect the new two-tier structure.

11- The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held each January. Its powers, duties and function are as below:

  • To be constituted with the presence of a quorum of one more than half the number of dues paying members less those who are unable to attend die to distance or otherwise excusably absent;
  • To elect resolutions and auditing/budgeting committees for the duration of the AGM;
  • To evaluate the organization’s performance during the course of the preceding year;
  • To adopt resolutions delineating future activities;
  • To adopt a budget for the upcoming fiscal year;
  • To elect a new executive for a term of one year;
  • To elect a Nominations Committee which shall be charged with preparing a ballot listing of all members interested in serving as an executive member and the position they desire. This ballot must be mailed to all members at least one month prior to the next AGM to cast their votes by mail.

12- The Executive shall be composed of an odd number of members (minimum three), the actual number being determined by the AGM. A simple majority of the votes cast by the members present the AGM in addition to any mail-in-ballots shall suffice to elect a member to the executive. The powers, duties, and function of the executive and officers are as below:

The Executive shall call regular meetings.

The Executive may appoint committees to implement the policies adopted and decisions made by AGM, the members, and the Executive.

The president shall chair all regular meetings, represent the organization to the public, and direct the activities of the members and committees pursuant to the decisions of the AGM, the members and the Executive.

The Treasurer shall maintain all financial records and report regularly to the members the financial status of the association, and secure an independent audit of ARPA on an annual basis immediately prior to the AGM.

The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings and maintain all association records in good order.

13- Standing Resolution shall be adopted by the AGM and remain in force until such time as they are amended or deleted by the AGM. These resolutions shall serve as the repository of activities, policies, and procedures to be implemented by ARPA.

14- ARPA’s fiscal year shall be the calendar year.

15- No one may represent the organization without the express permission of the Executive or AGM. Anyone doing so or otherwise abusing his/her membership in ARPA may be subject to disciplinary action by the Executive or ABM.

16- ARPA may choose to affiliate itself with other organizations with similar goals and objectives through a two-thirds majority vote of the AGM.

17- ARPA shall maintain an Endowment Fund composed of life membership dues and other donations specifically intended for the Endowment Fund. The capital in this fund may not be used for any other purposes. Only the interest or other gains accrued may be utilized. Any gains not from one year not used during the following year shall become part of the capital.

18- ARPA’s bylaws may be amended by the AGM with two-thirds majority vote of the members present at the AGM in addition to any mail in ballots. Any purposed bylaw amendments must be included as part of the ballots mailed to the members by nominations committee.

19- ARPA may be dissolved by two-thirds majority vote of the members present at the AGM in addition to any mail in ballots. Such a proposal must be included as part of the ballots mailed to members by the nominations committee. Whether the association is dissolved by its own decision or becomes de-facto dissolved, the final AGM or last remaining members shall determine which charitable, not-for-profit Armenian cultural or philanthropic organization or organizations shall receive ARPA’s assets.




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