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After years of close correspondence between several members, a specialty group of dedicated stamp collectors emerged and founded the Armenian Philatelic Association (ARPA) on January 27, 1997 in Los Angeles, California. Its founding members devoted to the study and exchange of information on Armenian and related postal issues. The interests of ARPA’s members cover all of the stamps of Armenia and all international stamps relating to Armenia and Armenians. Since its inception, monthly meetings in the Los Angeles area have provided a regular forum for planning for future exhibits and most of all in the interchange of information, stamps and other materials among the members.  In addition, club members and other individuals provide important stamp news and articles, which are printed in the ARPA Journal and mailed to all members. On October 2004, the American Philatelic Society approved the application of ARPA as APS Affiliate #250. This enabled ARPA to be added to the list of affiliates who publish periodicals and be listed in the online directory of specialty societies. Currently, there are about sixty members mostly in the United States with one-third living in the Los Angeles area. Membership fee is $45.00 per year for USA members and $55.00 per year for overseas members. Membership fees are for calendar year and are prorated.




ArPA's monthly meetings have provided a regular forum for the exchange of information, stamps and other materials

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